Albufeira to Seville

How to go from Albufeira to Seville by bus, car or private transfer

Seville, Spain

Albufeira is as far from Lisbon as it is from Seville, so many travelers in southern Portugal cross the border to Spain to visit the historic Spanish city. By car, it takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes, but there are also buses connecting the two destinations (there are no trains). These buses are operated by the Spanish company Alsa, and take 3 hours and 45 minutes. This is because they make stops in Portugal (in Faro and Tavira) before crossing the border to Spain.

There are three or four buses per day and the price of the tickets can be as low as 9 euros if you buy them online in advance, or as much as 29 euros. These buses are clean, comfortable and air-conditioned, and have a luggage compartment.

Seville bus station

In Albufeira, the departure point is the main station for Rede Expressos buses on Rua Paul Harris, and the final stop in Seville is the Plaza de Armas terminal, which is in the city center, and from there you can walk to most tourist attractions.

If you prefer to drive, you can either take the A22 highway, which has a toll, or the free N125 road from Albufeira. The N125 zigzags through the center of different towns, and there can be traffic, so the journey is longer. Both roads go to the Spanish border, and from there you continue on the A49 highway to Seville.

An alternative to the bus and driving is a private transfer. If you’re going in a group, it can be a good deal. Below is a link to the service mostly used to go from Faro Airport to Seville, but that can also be booked to pick you up in Albufeira: Private Transfer from Albufeira to Seville